About Us

entconn’s mission is to be the trusted strategic partner in delivering connectivity, communication, and security solutions. We redefine these pillars for our customers, utilising the right people, strong values, and experience to transform businesses. At entconn, we empower enterprises to thrive through our comprehensive suite of products and services, offering more than a solution but a strategic partnership that turns challenges into opportunities.

Our commitment extends to proactively keeping customers ahead of competitors with cutting-edge communication solutions. We offer whole-business solutions for cost savings to our enterprise customers and prioritise delivering the highest level of customer service. Through our mission and values, we aim to be the go-to partner for all things connectivity, communication, and security, providing expertise and experience that transform the landscape of businesses we serve.

entconn’s evolution from a single Telstra Retail Store to a powerhouse serving some of Australia’s largest businesses underscores our commitment to excellence since 2000. As Telstra’s longest-serving branded partner, we have continuously provided enterprise customers with the best solutions and customer service. Achieving certifications like Gold Partner highlights our commitment to excellence and industry leadership.

Our rich history is marked by enduring partnerships, as exemplified by our service to enterprise customers. These long-standing relationships reflect the trust and reliability that characterise our approach.

entconn values its people, boasting over 200 years of combined industry experience. Each customer is assigned a dedicated account manager and service executive, ensuring personalised attention and efficient support. This customer-centric approach is ingrained in our culture, where strong values guide us in delivering not just solutions but lasting partnerships. Our history and commitment to excellence position us as the preferred choice for businesses seeking connectivity, communication, and security solutions tailored to their needs.


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